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【 Date 】July 28, 2018 (Sat) 13:30~15:40

【 会場 】立教大学14号館6階 D603教室

【 Venue 】Rikkyo University, Bldg 14, 6F, D603

【 Language 】English only

【 Capacity of participants 】30

13:30~13:45  Explanation of research background by Masako Yonekawa (Rikkyo University)

13:45~14:45  Lecture by Edward Newman (Leeds University)

14:45~14:55  Comments by Satoshi Yamamoto (University of Tokyo)

14:55~15:40  Q&A

Professor Edward Newman would speak about the challenges of operationalizing human security from a ‘critical’ perspective, which would then also consider if human security can be helpful for deepening understanding of forced migration/refugee challenges. The first part of the lecture would be quite theoretical in parts, since it would be exploring the critical promise of human security. Then the second part of the lecture would give a more specific discussion of European policies and the political controversies. Professor Newman would speak specifically about the European refugee ‘crisis’ and how the EU and European states responded to the influx of forced migrants into Europe especially around 2015/16. This, in many ways, was a failure of the human security agenda.

Professor Newman’s bio:

He previously worked at the United Nations University as Director of Studies on Conflict and Security in the Peace and Governance Programme, followed by the University of Birmingham. His research interests lie in theoretical security studies, including critical approaches and ‘human security’; intrastate armed conflict, civil war, intervention and political violence; international organizations and multilateralism; and peacebuilding and reconstruction in conflict-prone and post-conflict societies. For his main publication, see:


Organized by: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research “Rethinking Refugees’ Protection and Repatriation from the Perspective of Human Security―A Case Study of Rwandan Refugees Worldwide―”

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